AB Europe - Our Mission

  1. To continuously deliver high standards by providing a valued service to our customers and associates
  2. To develop a spirit for technology innovation and commitment
  3. To conduct business honestly and with integrity
  4. To earn a fair profit and to maintain stability and security for our customers, staff members and business associates


Smile when you have to write a letter! Keep on smiling when you have an important telephone call to make!
We all have different moods. Every decision is to a large extent emotional.
Does this apply in Modern Times? This requirement for everyone to be friendly?
=> The AB EUROPE organization believes the answer is YES.
So, as a AB EUROPE Customers or Partner, why should you expect anything other than friendliness?

The services of AB EUROPE have become an important facility in the markets all over the world.
Sound organization with carefully planned and controlled working procedures form the background to our success.
More than a century of experience represents more than a century of tradition.

Thanks to the pleasant relationships with our customers, we are able to determine their needs in the existing markets.
This is why our concern is, and always will be, to maintain close contact with our customers at all levels, to recognize problems and resolve them together, we endeavor to make sure that all participants benefit in the most useful manner.

This will always be our task!
Always with friendship, close co-operation, consistent application and the necessary expert skill.

All which applies to you, the AB EUROPE Customer, all over the world!


Why AB Europe?

Customer Satisfaction

(+) Experience
(+) Neutrality
(+) Flexibility
(+) Trustworthy

Contact Us


AB Europe NV
Louwijn 13
B-1730 Asse - Belgium

Tel +32 (0) 2 452 50 82
Fax +32 (0) 2 452 65 93

E-mail: ab.consulting@abeurope.be


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